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JSON Platform

JSON Platform is an innovative tool that is aimed at simplifying the application development process by separating the data layer from the business logic with a distributable API layer that uses JSON data format.

JSON Platform is platform independent and supports most modern databases and application development technologies. It is built in pure Java and integrates any database with any web or mobile application. It offers a distributed architecture and applications built on this platform are highly scalable and can utilize the cloud resources to their fullest extent.

JSON Platform is built to support rapid application development. It provides several reusable components for data access, reporting, emailing and validations to speed up the development process allowing the developers to focus on the core business logic.

This platform also simplifies database management by extracting the data-base queries and stored procedures into its own management platform.The code produced by the developers only interact with the API calls and the actual database management can be performed separately by a dedicated team of database developers. This creates a clear separation of work and better management of data. Using this platform the data can reside into different databases without affecting the application logic or development work in anyway.

JSON Platform

Quick FPA

Quick FPA is a tool to streamline the estimation process for software projects. Software estimation is a complex task. Quick FPA solves many different issues in the area of software estimation.

Quick FPA resolves some of the major issues in the area of software estimation. It enables software development teams to produce detailed project estimates with a complete breakdown of the setup, implementation and testing effort to justify the cost of the project. Estimates produced with Quick FPA are more accurate, detailed and consistent with the implementation methodologies followed by the development teams.

Software estimates cannot be generalized due to the number of variables they depend on. Using historical data from multiple projects executed by different organizations to create estimates is not the most effective way of estimation. While various probability based models can produce estimates based on historical data, it still does not justify the cost to the stakeholders and they are expected to believe the calculations based on past projects. Software industry is fast paced in every aspect. Development methodologies, software engineering models and technologies feel like they are ever changing. Relying on historical data to predict the effort does not seem like the most viable approach in such an environment.

Quick FPA

Match the Fire

"Match the Fire's goal is to help create meaningful and lasting relationships by enabling matchmakers across the globe."

Matching eligible singles is an age-old tradition found in different flavors in different cultures all over the world. The foundation of a lasting relationship is always something more than just the initial attraction. People who know us for who we are can play a very important role in recommending partners who would go long ways.

We have created this platform to enable aspiring matchmakers put their skills to good use and shape up the society with their deep insights. We have also ensured that the system offers a great earning potential for those who want to spend the time to bring happiness to others.

Match the Fire

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